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The Computers Are Easy User Group, or CAEUG, is dedicated to the use and understanding of computers and related subjects. We have an open forum where all levels of computer users can meet to exchange information, ideas and share knowledge about computers. We encourage questions at our meetings and work together to solve problems members are having. We share new ideas on how to improve our computing skills and put on monthly programs covering all areas of computing subjects, either with a guest speaker or one of our own members speaking.

We meet once a month at the Glenside Public Library, 25 East Fullerton in Glendale Heights, Illinois, at 9:30 a.m.. If you would like more information, drop our membership folks an e-mail.

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Have fun exploring our web site. Please visit often.

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New Roller

The library is open.

There will be a hybrid meeting at the library. We will also Zoom video conferencing software. The start time at the library is 9:30 AM on Saturday June 22nd. Masks are encouraged.

Our June 22nd, 2024 We will have various short video presentations about Windows and Identity Protection procedures.

THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. If you wish to attend via ZOOM, PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO caeug (at) caeug (dot) net WITH SUBJECT LINE "Various" BY 06/20/24 AT 5 PM CT TO RECEIVE AN INVITATION LINK. If you wish to attend in person, the Board Room is to the right just inside the front door.


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: PC, MAC, TABLET, or SMART PHONE to hear and see presentation. OPTIONAL: Microphone to ask questions. Web camera to be seen.

For the purposes of this meeting, Zoom will be used via your web browser. To get the full benefit of the meeting, the device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) which will be used to connect to the meeting should have a microphone, camera, and speakers to take full advantage of the ZOOM product. ZOOM will work properly without; a camera (we will not be able to see you, but you will see the meeting), a microphone (we will not be able to hear you, but you will hear the meeting), speakers (you will not be able to hear the meeting but can still see it). A telephone may also be used, audio only, the number will be provided in the e-mail. You do not need to have ZOOM software on your device nor do you have to have a ZOOM account; simply click on the provided link in the e-mail on late Thursday or early Friday. A few messages may go by, run the ZOOM launcher, and you will be presented (be patient) with a dialog box displaying your camera's picture. Click the appropriate "Join" button and you will be placed in the "Waiting Room" prior to being admitted to the meeting.

If this will be your first time using ZOOM, has many tutorials for first time users. One I found particularly useful is at:

If you have questions regarding equipment, procedures, or want to practice, please send an email to caeug (at); be sure to include your phone number. Members of the Board are available to call you on the telephone to support your use of ZOOM.

CAEUG Zoom Meeting Time: June 22, 2024 - The Zoom meeting will open at 10:00 for conversation.

Upcoming events

Watch here for the meeting dates. We try to get the 4th Saturday (for the physical meetings) but we are not always successful.

Tentative meeting dates

July 27, 2024 Presenter to be announced in the Board Room also on ZOOM.

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"Abort, Retry, Ignore..."

...the official newsletter of the Computers Are Easy User Group. Our newsletter is mailed monthly to our members without internet access and is available online as a part of our website. It is packed full of information about upcoming meetings, our CD of the Month features, informative articles and program reviews. Our newsletter editor can be reached at newslettereditor AT caeug . net.

The CAEUG newsletter is published about eleven times annually. If you are looking for an old newsletter on this web site and get 'File not found (404 error)' and you are a member of CAEUG I will send you a copy of newsletter, if you send me an email and request it. (caeug (at) caeug (dot) net)

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Presenter's Notes

To read PPT and PPTX files download the PowerPoint Viewer (26 MB), Apache OpenOffice (140 MB), or LibreOffice (140 MB).

To read PDF files download the Adobe Reader 11 (45 MB).

Alternative to read PDF files download the Foxit Reader (5 MB).

To unzip files download the 7-Zip (1 MB) or read this article for native Windows capabilities.

List of Youtube websites presented featuring Backup software and procedures March 23, 2024 (TXT 1 KB download)

List of Youtube websites presented featuring Income Tax software and filing February 24, 2024 (TXT 1.2 KB download)

List of Youtube websites presented featuring PI Hole and hardware January 27, 2024 (TXT 4.5 KB download)

List of Youtube websites presented featuring Cybersecuity December 9, 2023 (TXT 2.4 KB download)

List of Youtube websites presented featuring Cybersecuity October 28, 2023 (TXT 2.4 KB download)

List of Youtube websites presented featuring Windows 11 September 30, 2023 (TXT 19.6 KB download)

List of Youtube websites presented featuring Windows 11 August 26, 2023 (TXT 19.6 KB download)

APCUG Video - Why and How to Set Up Your Backup - APCUG Workshop 3-31-21.

Flight Simulator for Kids by Larry Bothe April 24, 2021 (PPTx 9.6 MB download) or(ODP 8.2 MB download)

APCUG Video - Tune Up Your Windows PC - Jere Minich on August 26, 2017. or (PDF of the slides 2.4 MB download)

APCUG Video - How Technology Has Changed the Way We Listen to Music - Ray Baxter on April 22, 2017. or (PDF of the slides 1.3 MB download)

John Spizzirri presented How I setup Windows 7 (MP4 1.67 MB download). or Video Notes (ODT 28 KB download)

John Spizzirri presented the Raspberry PI February, 2015 (ODT 15,790 KB download). or Slide Notes (ODT 23 KB download) or More Notes (ODT 25 KB download)

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Products of the Month

No Longer available due to Illinois State Law.

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President Carl Wallin BoardMember Joanne Beauregard Secretary OPEN
Newsletter Editor/Treasurer Kathy Groce Webmaster John Spizzirri

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CAEUG is a member of the APCUG.
Association of Personal Computer Users Groups

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